Wednesday, January 21, 2009

sorry it has taken so long...

Hello friends and family.....

Yes it's true, I have FINALLY started this thing! I do apologize for the wait. But literally, it's a circus, and I have been very busy.

Today I find myself in Jacksonville FL. If you have ever been here, then you may know that I am NOT busy today. It is a day off, as we start shows here tomorrow, and there is just nothing to do! No market run, no movie run, nothing in walking distance,... and the distance is not a particularly favorable one to walk alone, even if you aren't a little girl. So blog it is!

In a way I regret not starting this earlier, because so much has happened and I wish I could have kept you all more consistently updated. However, if I had been in touch from the beginning you would have had to hear an awful lot of complaining. Winter Quarters (the period of time we spent working on and putting together the show in Tampa), was very hard for everyone. For a while I couldn't believe how much my life had changed, and kept wondering why on earth had I left my lovely home to come do this? We were exhausted, cranky, and discouraged at the end of each day, and had very little time to recover and be ready for the next.

But now things really are looking up. We are out on the road and performing. I have begun to make many friends and learn a lot about different people. We are used to the zebras and elephants, the workload, life on the train, and the unavoidable attitudes. We have had two train runs so far, and performed 16 shows in 3 different cities. After all the hard times, it is actually feeling like home! I am growing more attached to this circus, and now I look forward to the year ahead with excitement.

Well I will wrap this first little message up for tonight, but look out for more updates, and some stories from what you've missed in the past few months.
I love and miss you all,


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  1. Dear Joy,
    No one could be happier than I that you have got this up and running! All those who love and miss you will share this for certain. I look forward to hearing your stories - the good, the bad and the ugly - but only those you wish to share. I hope it will be fun for you and not a drudgery. If you just write when you feel like it, it will remain a pleasure and not a chore.
    XOXOX, Mom