Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Jersey Deters Me (Part III)


The people who organized Sugar Fest were so well prepared to feed our entire cast and crew, and so well-stocked with desserts, that when the event was over they had tons of left-overs up for grabs. As would seem likely, the clowns made away with a good portion of the spoils, and enjoyed them in the alley for the rest of Saturday and Sunday.

As interest in this humungous tinfoil tray of cake began to dwindle, creative options for its disposal began to bloom. Finally we arrived on a solution, which was for Book to eat it all in 7 minutes with no hands. It was a lot of cake. We all put a little money down, and added a few finer details (i.e. saying “thank you sir, may I have another?” every minute, and also not vomiting).

Here is a litte taste of the action, I hope it works, and I hope you enjoy it.


Opening comments - Sean and Randy
Beautiful gagging noises – Lance
Tactful comments about Ethiopian kids – Larry
Disapproving looks - Dustin
Filming – Yours truly
Talent – Book

Bon Appetit!


  1. I think we have the guy who can do the sequel for Animal House!

    I see the video is uploading now?

  2. that one is from the regular camera, not the video camera. but i do think andy figured out my problem, so when i have more time i will try and see how it works.